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Where to Buy

Carbide and high-speed steel burs renowned for their longer lasting cutting precision and consistency of performance are available worldwide through authorized distributors.

WYBUR Tools manufactures carbide burs and high-speed steel burs in Cheyenne, Wyoming, formerly Grobet USA® manufacturing. Same premium quality, same manufacturing facility, same experienced technicians, only the name is changed!


North American Distributors Should Contact:
Bart Fellin, Fellin Industrial Sales, LLC
Phone: +1 908.788.1833
Email: BartJ@FellinIndustrialSales.com
Web: http://fellinindustrialsales.com/

International Distributors Should Contact:
Wybur Tools
Phone: 1-877-276-4787
Address (Offices): 250 Duffy Ave., Hicksville, NY 11801
Email: connect@wyburtools.com