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   Products  (SJ) 60° Cone Deburring Burs, Pointed - Tungsten Carbide

(SJ) 60° Cone Deburring Burs, Pointed - Tungsten Carbide

(SJ) 60° Cone Deburring Burs, Pointed - Tungsten Carbide
SJ (60°) cone burs (also spelled burrs) are used for deburring and finishing beveled and chamfered surfaces. They are commonly used on castings and machine dies. They have a strong, heat- and wear-resistant (triangular) cone shaped carbide head and are commonly used to remove sharp-edged and excessive material from machined components. They can also be used for grinding and shaping in jewelers pendant drills, high-speed engravers, and die grinders.

  • Our SJ (60°) Deburring Carbide Burs are available in 1/4" and 1/8" shank diameters.
  • Proudly made right here in the USA.
• Double Cut Burs (ADC)

Basically a standard cutting tool, cuts are performed along the left-hand spiral. Double Cut Burs have multiple cutting edges which will remove material much faster. Double cut burs leave a smoother finish than standard cut burs because they produce smaller chips as they cut. The The Double cut profile provides better tool control in the removal of light-to-medium material, deburring, finishing and cleaning.
Flame End Bur, Double Cut (ADA) SKU W32.784 SJ5

Deburring 60°, Double Cut (ADC)

1/2" 60°
with 1/4" shank
Part# W32.784

• Standard Cut Burs

The standard cut bur provides easy chip flow and faster material removal with little to no clogging. Can be used on aluminum, magnesium, soft steel, plastic, rubber and wood.
Tree Pointed End Burs, Standard Cut SKU W32.871 SJ42

Deburring 60°, Standard Cut

1/8" Cutting Head Diameter 60°
with 1/8" shank
Part# W32.871