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   Products  Metric 60° Cone Shaped Burs - Tungsten Carbide

Metric 60° Cone Shaped - Tungsten Carbide Burs

Chipbreaker Cone Shaped 60 Degree Burs - Tungsten Carbide
Our 60° Chipbreaker Cone Shaped Burs have a strong, heat- and wear-resistant carbide head used to remove excess material and sharp edges from machined components. They are suitable for deburring or refining flat and right-angled surfaces, grinding, shaping, and the cutting of varies materials. The Chipbreaker Metric Ball Shape Bur feature's fluted sides and end, can be used in pendant drills, high-speed engravers, and die grinders.

  • Our Metric 60° Cone Shaped Carbide Burs are available in 6mm shank diameters.
  • Proudly made right here in the USA.
• Chipbreaker Cut Burs

Our Chipbreaker cone shaped 60 degree bur can be used for Deburring, milling, cleaning. Used for tempered, unhardened steel, cast steel, and weld seams.

Chipbreaker Metric Cone Shaped 60 Degree Burs, 12.7mm cutting head dia. x 11.1mm length of cut, with 56mm overall length, Item No. WGFJ-1311-6-56 Metric

60°Cone Shaped Chipbreaker Bur

12.7mm x 11.1mm x 56mm
with 6mm shank