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   HIGH-SPEED STEEL BURS - Performance & Control

HIGH-SPEED STEEL BURS - Performance & Control

Wybur Carbide Inch / High-Speed Steel Inch
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Inch - Carbide & HSS

Wybur Tools High-Speed Steel Burs Offer Excellent Cutting Effectiveness

Our high-speed steel burs are designed for long-lasting durability and optimum performance. With machining expertise, consistency of our flute geometry, and commitment to quality our HSS burs guarantee the highest level of satisfaction and safety to the user.

High-speed steel tools cut faster and withstand higher temperatures than older high-carbon steel tools, maintaining their temper (hardness). Able to keep a sharp edge longer than carbon steels, high-speed steel burs are used by manufacturers, machinists, jewelers, lapidaries, lab technicians, hobbyists, and more.

Ground from blanks of hardened high-speed steel, our HSS burs have smooth, unbroken flutes. The design provides efficient filing of mild steels, aluminum, brass, lead, magnesium, and some plastics.